Help make sure your Local Pantry is stocked

Your Local Pantry enables thousands of people to access low-priced supermarket food, pre-empting and preventing poverty, through member-run weekly food clubs across the UK, helping them to stay afloat in tough times.  

We insist on offering fresh, chilled and frozen food as well as long-life and tinned. Wherever possible, members have a choice about what to put in their basket. Pantries help members becomes volunteers, and this way they often find work.

Now and again, Your Local Pantry needs a top-up of fresh, frozen or seasonal food

If you want to top up the Pantry when something is needed, but hasn’t been donated, you can. To make a donation today, just select your nearest Pantry, and choose whether it will be a regular donation or a one-off. On the next page, you can enter your personal information and the payment details.


Which Pantry would you like to support?

Not sure which one? Find your nearest Pantry on the map below, or see the Pantry listings. Or, if you'd like to support the whole network, just choose the 'network' option at the top of the dropdown menu.